About Us


Serving archers worldwide

Arrowcraft Archery began in 2012 by master craftsman Hugo Saavedra; a native or Uruguay who for the past decade has called Southeast Wisconsin home; it’s also the location of Arrowcraft Archery.

Customers of Arrowcraft Archery live worldwide. These archers are found in the United States, Uruguay, Argentina, and Germany, to name just a few.

Hugo Saavedra

A master woodworker by trade, creating wood arrows that capture the imagination of archers is a natural extension of the detailed work Hugo Saavedra provides his customers. His interest in archery began as a child, though it wasn’t until 2008 when he immersed himself in target shooting. A couple of years later, Saavedra taught himself how to make his own arrows, carefully choosing quality suppliers and making sure his arrows not only flew properly but looked top notch as well.  


What We Use For Our Arrows


Quality Shafts

We almost exclusively use premium Port Orford Cedar, though upon request we use Douglass Fir. Shafts go through a three-step straightening process.



First we clean the oils from inside the point then use a melt glue  especially formulated..



A clear water-base acrylic finish is used, dipping arrows at least 3x to seal. The finish is elastic and resistant to abrasion.



Beautiful Cresting

The crowning and cresting is realized with acrylic paints.



The feathers are turkey, normally 4” or 5” right wind shield cut or parabolic.

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